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Welcome to our Center is a leading academic writing provider that is based in the UK

This is the number one home of custom essays, dissertations, term papers and coursework papers prepared by academic writing specialists in UK. Our company has been providing academic manuscripts to the UK market for the last three years during which we have built a reputation that preceeds us. We have put an elaborate system in place to ensure that you get what you require from our wide range of writing services.

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Custom essays UK has been providing top quality papers to students from the leading universities. Scholars prefer to use our services because we keep our word. You will have your essay delivered to the exact specifications that you ordered for, at the exact time that we promised and won’t have additional charges imposed upon you.

Our speciality is not only limited to essays but we are also experienced when it comes to custom dissertation writing. Majority of clients who order custom essays from us often return asking us to prepare custom dissertations for their undergraduate, masters and even PhD.  From our service many students have been able to experience richer lives and reach out to an even higher potential.

All assignments, term papers, dissertations and essays that we provide are written to your unique instructions which include the title, outline, abstract, chapters, referencing style and even the writing tone. We are the only company that can customise each piece so that it matches your writing style and preferences.

Our quality custom essays are written by graduate and PhD professionals from your particular area of study. Since we have a team of over 500 experts we could get someone who has excelled in your particular field to work on your paper. Unlike other companies we do not employ writers merely based on the fact that they have got to a certain level of education. Our writers are hired based on personal attributes such as punctuality, hard work, co-operation, innovation and intellect. Apart from a top cream IQ, we value writers who have good research writing skills, exposure to academic projects and able to relate well with customers. Our custom essay writing UK is centred on fulfilling your requirements.

The highest standards of confidentiality and privacy can be found in our service. Unlike most custom writing UK services, we do not obtain the right to redistribute and resell your paper. We strongly feel that this is an inappropriate practise that steals from you what is rightfully yours. We are the top essay service due to the fact that we abdicate all the rights to a dissertation, term paper, essays or assignment the moment it is delivered to the client. Your identity will never be revealed to any third party and we will never inform any person or institution that we have prepared a custom essay for you.

The rich history of custom essays is a testimony of what hard work and quality services can bring. Our company was started from a very humble background of only 15 writers who specialised in business essays but has grown with time to home a team of over 500 expert writers handpicked from all areas of specialisation. We continue with our quest to remain among the op custom essays UK so that you - the customer - are treated like the king you are.

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    It is your right to receive quality services and custom writings that match your initial requirements. You deserve to get a great essay!

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Jill Finlay EdinburgI am very happy with what you did on my essay. It was due on a very short notice and on a topic I have had difficulty understanding. I have been crossing my fingers and am relieved that the tutor recommended it to my classmates.

Gloria Bellucci PortlandSometimes I become a control freak and just get paranoid over some things. I am sorry for nagging your writer and am grateful for the good work you did for me and I saw it fit to just send you an appreciative message. Please make sure that the writer gets this thank you message. Happy new year!